Gator Championship Meet(s) Deadline 7/10/18 9PM

Good evening GATOR families,

I can’t believe it is that time of the summer! This year GATORS will swim in the COSA and GCSL championship meets.

Meet information currently is listed on our website (sessions and warm up times are listed). Please look back frequently as updates will appear there.


VERY IMPORTANT: All families need to declare your availability to swim at both meets. DEADLINE IS THIS TUESDAY, 7/10/18 at 9PM, For both meets!!!

In most cases you will be entered in only one meet, however your swimmer might be placed in a relay for the GCSL meet and still be eligible to swim individual events in the COSA championship.

IF…. you are placed in individual events for the GCSL you are not eligible to swim in the COSA Championship meet.

IF…. you had already declared to swim in the CGSL please log in and declare again. Originally 3 meets appeared- prelims and finals. Those are now defined as only 1 meet and all previous RSVP data could not be transferred over. Our apologies!! Still a learning curve with our new software.

Volunteer information:

Volunteer jobs/duties are being finalized by the COSA and GCSL leagues and will be posted under the meets very soon. Please remember, all hands will be needed. If you were unable to volunteer during our league night or Saturday meets, this is your opportunity. If you have a swimmer swimming at either championship meet, plan to be available.


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